A Guideline for Hanging a Flag on a Pole

Having the American flag flying on a commercial or residential property is the aim of every resident. You need to understand that there are flag-hanging etiquettes you need to adhere to. This homepage has given more info. on how to hang a flag on a pole, to be enlightened, make sure to click here.

The first thing will be for you to go for a worthy flag pole. You need to understand that if you invest on the lowest quality pole in the market, then you will not be able to achieve optimal results. Buying a pole that has swivel ring clips should be a priority for you. One way to know whether the flag pole is of good quality is when it is customizable, has solar light and has telescoping technology. A high quality flagpole guarantees you of a simple installing process.

The nest is to condense the telescope. A fact is that you cannot fly a flag is the day’s weather is not favorable. Keeping the flag indoors on such days is hence necessary. Because the flag is made of good quality, you can consider having it when there is a little rain.

Next, you’ll need to attach the swivel ring clips. After you have your telescoping flagpole set, you’ll need to attach the flag. Once the flag is set, fasten the swivel ring clips. The good thing about these clips is that they can turn 360 hence cannot be tangled no matter which way the wind blows. Once you are done, you’ll need to erect the flagpole. Ensure that the surface you choose to erect the flagpole is firm to ensure that it does not fall.

You should know that you need to tear down the flag once it is dark. Sunrise to sunset is the only time that the American flag is allowed to fly. However, there is an exception if you have solar light. When it’s dark, you’ll then switch on the solar light to sow the position of the flag. To test down the flag, all you are required to do is lower the telescoping flagpole then proceed to unhooking the swivel ring clips. This is a process that you’ll need to repeat every morning and evening. By following the steps explained in this page you can be sure that you have followed all the flag-hanging etiquettes that are required of you.