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What You Should Know About the Third Molars

Milk teeth are not the only things you should worry about as there are also third molars. The third molars appear between the age of 17 to 25. The third molars will appear as the last teeth in your mouth. They can be painful to some people. You will get to see that people may not experience the pain exactly the same. When you do not know more about the third molars you will feel a little pain and extract the tooth. In this case, you should search for more info about the third molar to educate your children for them to know the importance of having them. here is what you should know about the third molars.

One thing you should know about the third molars is where they are located. They grow last therefore they are behind. Now, the third molars are behind the other molars as they grow last. By them growing last, they lack enough room to expand and they end up destroying the jaw and gums. They have a long root and they are wide Due to the size and less space, it becomes hard for you to clean them leading to more damage.

There are various signs that will alert you when you are having a third molar. For instance, if you are having headaches related to your mouth. The jaws may also swell and by this, it may get difficult for you to eat. Now, the only thing you can do is to see a dentist.

People in the early days were not removing the third molar because it was best to have them. They used to help when people were eating hard food. You will find that many people these days do not want third molars. You should know that the third molar cannot help you if you are eating soft foods.

You should be cautious for you not to have third molars that will make you have mouth problems. You may get decay and also gum diseases. You should be aware of how you can take care of third molars issues. You should know that many people will opt for the removal of the third molars. You must visit the dentist for the removal as there is a procedure that is followed. There is also advised that you will get after the teeth have been removed such as the foods to eat.

There are also ways that you can take care of yourself to avoid the third molars. It is wise that you avoid meals that are sugary.