Lexus Creates One-Off LS For Loyal Customer’s 100th Birthday

How would you treat yourself for your 100th birthday? For Barry High OBE, it was a no-brainer — he went straight to his favorite car dealership and ordered £100,000 (about $128,000) worth of Lexus.

100-year-old Barry is a loyal customer, reportedly buying as many as 25 cars from Lexus Cheltenham over the last 16 years. So, when Lexus UK heard he was treating himself for his centenary, the brand created a one-off special edition just for him.

The Lexus LS 600h L Centenary Celebration Edition features bespoke pin-striping, chrome badges and special “100” script on the wings. Barry opted for metallic silver paint, along with a cream leather interior.

Like the regular LS 600h L, the special edition features a hybrid powertrain combining an electric motor with a 5.0-litre V8 gasoline engine. Total power output of the LS is an impressive 445 hp, meaning it’ll hit 62 mph (100 kph) in 6.3 seconds.

Not that Barry will use that performance. These days, he has a chauffeur for driving him about — and, with an OBE for services to charity and an army rank of Major under his belt, who can blame him?

“He has been purchasing Lexus’ cars for years,” senior sales executive at Cheltenham Lexus, Dean Cordell told Gloucestershire Live. “Lexus is aware of this and wanted to do this for him, and Barry took us up on the offer. Once it came off the production line it was made into something special for him – it’s a real one off.

“The day went very well indeed. The car was all under wraps and undercover when he arrived. There was a formal celebration and a toast of champagne – he was extremely pleased.”

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Source: Gloucestershire Live

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