DD Forms

Department of Defense DD Forms

All fillable Department of Defense or DD Forms are available here for download, some DD Forms are also available in Microsoft Word format.

Frequently used DD Forms
DD 93
DD 0001 through DD 0499
DD 0500 through DD 0999
DD 1000 through DD 1499
DD 1500 through DD 1999
DD 2000 through DD 2499
DD 2500 through DD 2999

DA Forms in Microsoft Word
DA Form 31 Leave Form
DA Form 87 Certificate of Training
DA Form 1059
DA 1380 Reserve Duty Performance
DA Form 2062 Hand Receipt
DA Form 3161 Request for Issue/Turn in
DA Form 3501 GCA Operations Log
DA Form 3848 Personal Clothing Request
NEW DA Form 4856 Counseling Form

DA Form 4187 Examples
Frequent Searches
1. Dwell Time Waiver
2. Reassignment
3. MOS Reclassification
4. Stabilization Request
5. Volunteer for Overseas Assignment